Music Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit: an Example of the Use of the “U” Sequence


  • S. de Lattre DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi
  • S. Guétin Inserm U1061, service de neurologie, CHU de Montpellier
  • G. Tondut DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi
  • J. Carr DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi
  • M. Conseil DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi
  • M. Cisse DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi
  • B. Souche DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi
  • G. Chanques DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi
  • S. Jaber DAR Saint-Eloi CHU Saint-Eloi



Septic shock, Guidelines, Review, Update


Improving the quality of care in nursing practice is facilitated by the use of innovative and complementary therapies that are not associated with adverse events. Thus, hypnosis and relaxation therapy, such as music therapy, are some of the non-pharmacological therapies now recommended by the French Authority for Healthcare. In critically ill patients, some studies have shown the effectiveness of these therapies in decreasing pain intensity and stressful burden, as well as improving vital signs, especially cardiovascular and respiratory parameters. However, lack of time in everyday practice in intensive care units (ICUs) working with high nurse to patient ratios, and consecutive lack of staff training are frequent barriers precluding the implementation of good practice. The specificities of the intensive care unit (ICU) setting require an adaptation for these therapies. The objective of this article is to focus on music therapy in the ICU and the possibility to implement a feasible method for nursing care in this setting, where emergency care when vital prognosis is compromised remains a priority.



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de Lattre, S., Guétin, S., Tondut, G., Carr, J., Conseil, M., Cisse, M., Souche, B., Chanques, G., & Jaber, S. (2015). Music Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit: an Example of the Use of the “U” Sequence. Médecine Intensive Réanimation, 24(3), 344–350.



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